12 Beds:

  • 6 in an open bay area, 5 single rooms, 1 double room

Dedicated Treatment Room for invasive procedures:

  • For example CSF sampling or bronchoscopies 

Mortara Telemetry System for continuous cardiac monitoring

Atomic Clocks throughout for accurate PK and PD sampling time points

ECGs, Vital Signs, Infusion Pumps

Emergency Trolleys

Sample Processing and Storage:

  • Laboratory staffed by dedicated and skilled laboratory specialists
  • Centrifuges with adjustable temperature capabilities
  • 6 Refrigerators
  • 2 -20°C Freezers
  • 2 -70°C Freezers
  • Monika Central Temperature Monitoring System for all sample and IMP storage facilities
  • Alcohol Breath Meter
  • Drugs of abuse analyser
  • On-site hospital laboratory for rapid and local lab safety analysis
  • Top pan and analytical balances

Specialist equipment to support spirometry, bronchoscopy, YSI glucose analysers

All equipment regularly maintained and accompanied by appropriate service and calibration documentation


"Thanks for letting me take part. It was very interesting and it was a pleasure to see how you and you're colleagues worked! You looked after us well too. Thanks."

Michael Harper.