In your search for sites that can run Early Phase Clinical Trials in patients, do you often find yourselves frustrated that the site has access to a patient population, but no overnight bed capacity; has patient access but no experience in the intricacies of clinical pharmacology studies?

Well your search is over. The Royal Liverpool Hospital Clinical Research Facility has the following facilities to deliver an excellent study for you:

  • Dedicated Principal Investigators who are experienced Clinical Pharmacologists
  • Dedicated team of scientists, physicians, nurses and laboratory staff
  • Access to a diverse patient population, healthy volunteers and special populations
  • 12 beds for overnight stays
  • Mortara telemetry system for cardiac safety monitoring
  • Laboratory for sample processing and local laboratories for lab safeties
  • Co-located storage facilities at -20C and -70C with central temperature monitoring
  • Clinical Trials Pharmacy and Radiopharmacy
  • Facilities for aseptic preparation of IMP as well as Advanced Therapeutics
  • Access to Specialist Hospital Services such as Nuclear Medicine, MRI, CT/PET, Ultrasound, Echo and many others