The purpose of this study is to collect blood samples from 3000 healthy individuals over a period of five years

Group Healthy Volunteers
Gender Male / Female
Age 18 +
Location Liverpool
Compensation £20
Recruiting from May 2016
Additional details The purpose of this study is to collect blood samples from 3000 healthy individuals over a period of five years. The blood sample will allow the researchers to: • Extract DNA from your blood which will be used to analyse the genes responsible for breaking down, and getting rid of, medicines in your body (this is called genotyping). We all vary in how we handle medicines which can result in differences in how well drugs work in different people. By understanding these differences, we may be able to develop better dosing for medicines to reduce this variability. • Extract plasma from your blood which will be used for metabolomics analysis – a technique that determines what substances are circulating in the blood and how these relate to the variation in your genes. The development of new and better medicines is vital for public health. When pharmaceutical companies or researchers are developing new medicines, or improving the use of existing medicines, a key step is the testing in phase I clinical trials (the testing of new and established medicines in humans). Researchers often face difficulties when recruiting volunteers who have specific genotypes (variation in the genes mentioned above). This study will help develop a panel of healthy volunteers who have been genotyped and are readily available to be recruited for early phase studies. By taking part in this study, your name will be entered onto a database and linked to your genotype, to facilitate phase I trials. The database will be secure and all the genetic information will only be accessible by the research team. Your information and contact details will never be passed on to any third parties without your explicit consent. You should only take part in this study if you are willing to have your name included in the database, and are interested in taking part in phase I trials in the future.