Before new medicines are given to patients, they must be tested in approved clinical trials.

By participating in a clinical trial you will be providing important and useful data that will contribute to improving people’s lives all over the world.

As we learn more about diseases, infections and illnesses we need to understand more about how to treat them, and by studying how people respond to new drugs we can develop more effective and safe treatments for the future.

Volunteers who have taken part in clinical trials with us have various reasons for participating. In our experience both healthy volunteers and those suffering with medical conditions are keen to help advance medications and treatment for future generations and many enjoy the perks of being closely monitored throughout the duration of the study. So while you relax in our comfortable facilities, catch up on sleep, or enjoy our entertainment facilities, you might help us find a new treatment for a disease. Simple really, and we generally reimburse for time and inconvenience!

So, if you’re aged 18 to 75, you can register your interest to take part by joining the Consent 4 Consent database. By enrolling on the database, you are giving permission for your contact details to be held and researchers are able to contact you when trials become available. Registering with the database does not commit you to take part in any trial; it merely allows you to find out about potential opportunities for you to get involved. 


Pauline has lived with the effects of chronic asthma for all of her life; she talks about her experience in taking part in research at the Trust.